How quickly do my BuildMyRank posts get approved?

I continue to be impressed with Build My Rank link building program.  I was initially a bit nervous about two things but these concerns are now long gone!

The first concern was that I had read from people who said their posts get rejected and these people thought they were being softly forced into using the build my rank writing service which costs $2.50 per article.  I have now submitted over 100 articles and backlinks and had only one get rejected because the link wasn’t to content that was closely related to the article (a quick change and it was approved).  I don’t put much effort into the articles and don’t even read them over for editing before submitting!

Secondly is the speed at which BMR articles are read and approved.  My BMR posts get approved super fast!  I usually write about 5 at a time and find that by the time I am done my last article, the first few are already pending. This means they have been read, approved and are waiting to be submitted to one of the blogs in the Build My Rank network.  Sometimes these posts are already live on the blogs within 30 minutes of writing and submitting!

I don’t know about you but this is surely fast enough for me!  Click here for more details about Build My Rank!



BuildMyRank Case Study – 1 month with paid service – 800% increase in traffic!

Time for another update in my Build My Rank Case Study.  I have just renewed my monthly subscription which means I have had the paid service for one full month now.  I just checked the traffic stats and I am definitely impressed with the results so far!

As mentioned previously, I have two sites I am really using this on. The first one has had an 795% increase in traffic when comparing Dec 5th to Feb 4th to the previous month!  This is incredible to me.  The actual traffic numbers are not at my target yet, but I have no doubt that they soon will if the trends continue rising.  I am getting most of my traffic to longer tail keywords since my main two phrases aren’t on page on of Google SERPs yet.  Here’s a screencap from Google Analytics.  Try a free trial of BMR to test the service!

Build My Rank - 800% increase in traffic

My second site has had much less emphasis placed on it but I try to do a few BMR posts to it every couple of days.  It has had a 49% increase in traffic overall.

If you want to see your website traffic increase, I definitely recommend at least trying out the free trial of Build My Rank to see if you like it!

How BuildMyRank Backlinking Service Works

As you might have read in my first post of my BMR/Build My Rank review, I am quite happy with the results I have seen so far.  I will have some even better graphs to show you since the main website I am using it for is improving in rankings on an almost daily basis still!

But, I almost went off on a tangent there.  This follow up post is to answer the question about how Build My Rank backlinking service works.  The whole process is quite simple really. BMR has at least a few thousand websites that they own.  These range from PR 1 to PR 7 I believe.  It is safe to assume that there are more of the lower PR sites than the higher sites.

Once you signup or even if you are just trying out the free trial, you are taken to a dashboard.  From here you can add the domains you want to get backlinks to.  They are screened and approved or declined (mine were all approved within 24 hours except for a hubpages profile since the articles on HP weren’t all on one niche).

The backlinking process with Build My Rank is simple.  You write and submit posts that include one backlink for every 150 words – up to 3 backlinks per article.  You get to include an anchor-linked backlink to one of your approved URLs.  You can choose to backlink to the main domain, or even a specific post or page.  If you have a 300 word article and choose two links, they have to be to pages on the same domain.

Your articles are read and approved or rejected.  I have done over 70 articles and had only one rejected for the link not being related enough to the content in the post I submitted.  Once they are approved, Build My Rank will process it and queue it up for posting onto one of the thousands of websites in their network.  Within a day or so the post will be published and pretty quickly (another day or so) the search engines should be indexing your link.

Now, you can post up to 10 links per day to any given domain in your profile. Each domain can have 10 links submitted per day.  That means if you have the most basic plan for 5 domains, you can submit 50 different backlinks each and every day of the week.  I have been averaging about 3 or 4 backlinks per day since I write all the posts myself.

If you do not like to write your own content you can add ‘writers’ to your profile and other people can login and submit posts.  Alternatively, you can even just pay BMR $2.50 per link to write and submit the content for you.

There you have it – a pretty simple explanation of how BuildMyRank works to get you high quality backlinks.  Why not try the free trial out and get 10 unique high PR backlinks to your sites.

BuildMyRank Case Study & Real Review – One Month In

For the past few years, I have been wary of buying IM tools that cost a monthly fee.  I always thought I could do things on my own and save the money.  I recently read some Build My Rank Case Studies and saw that the authors had pretty great success and finally decided to bite the bullet and try it. After signing up for a free 10 day BMR trial, I instantly realized this was a great service that would be worth the investment.  A few days later I decided to upgrade to the 5 domain package which costs $59 per month.

I will go into more detail later on about what I love with BMR but I have some preliminary results to show you after about 1 month of using the paid service.  I am using this on a few domains.  One is the site I have begun working on again for the Authority Niche Site Challenge I am doing for myself on this blog.

It has a fairly competitive niche and the site was languishing in the search engines and getting only 5 or less visitors per day (with many zero days).  One month ago I started building backlinks to this through Build My Rank and now have a total of 27 live posts with 4 in the queue to be published.  I have a screen capture of the visitors for the past month to show you the effect BMR has had on the traffic to this site.  I went from pretty much zero traffic to my best day yet (today) with regard to visitors.  I got 57 visitors today, almost entirely from Google.

BMR case study - Build My Rank Review

BMR Case Study - Month 1 Traffic

Now, the traffic still is less than 100 visitors per day but just look at that trend so far!  In this time, I have begun adding just 2 or 3 new posts per week to the blog to help provide engaging content for the readers.  I expect the visitors to rise continually on a weekly basis from here on out.

I have two broad keywords I am targeting.  I do not have a definite initial Google result for the time before the BMR campaigns began, but I know that in the past two weeks there has been a steady rise in Google for BOTH main keywords.  See the graph below:

Rises in Google from Build My Rank

That’s all I have to share right now.  If you would like a free trial of Build My Rank, click here for the special offer!

Authority NIche Site Challenge – Month 2 Day 26

Quick update again.  Still can’t really type well due to a whopping huge splint on one arm.  To be honest, this surgery on my arm has taken a bigger toll on me than I expected in terms of being able to do, well, just about anything!

I have only added a few more pages of content to my site since about a month ago when I posted.  It is doing reasonably well for a new site that I’ve hardly been able to work on.  It has had 193 unique visitors, 57% of which came from google.  There are a total of >450 pageviews.   People have found my site from a total of 95 different keywords already, many of which are long-tail as I am aiming for.  I’ve had some clicks to Amazon (not many) and earned between $3 and $4 from Adsense.

I think I can start slowly typing just about now but it is quite awkward.  I might try training the Windows voice recognition software and doing some posts by speaking them!

I get the splint off at the beginning of October so I should at least be able to start typing better in about a week!

Authority Niche Site Challenge – Day 25

A bit of a snag since my one arm is now in a cast for 6 weeks.  I will be ordering content for the site to get updated every 3 days (approx) since typing one handed is ridiculously slow.  I will get most backlinks during this time from blog commenting.

Getting more visitors now, more regularly.  The last few days have seen 5, 2, 7, 7, and 3 unique visitors.  Have had 20 click throughs to Amazon this month so far.  Not much else to report at the moment…

Authority Niche Site Challenge – Day 16

Okay day 16 is done on my authority niche site challenge.  I’m up to 10 posts and have 5 backlinks showing up.  Starting to get a bit more traffic but not into the double digits yet.

In less than a week I will be put into a cast on my arm after a surgery and will have it like that for 6 weeks but I have a good text to speech program that comes with windows seven so I am going to be trying that out.  If it doesn’t work well I will buy Dragon Dictate.

Still doing daily articles for backlinks.  Going to try adding a few hubs per week too!

Hoping to have regular traffic coming in by the end of the month!